Hi! I’m Paul and I want to tell you all about Black Fling, which is a good online dating site for meeting black people.Email me and let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think. I enjoy hearing your thoughts!

User Rating
  • Online dating for black people
  • Easy to find a hookup or affair
  • Free to try
  • Many inactive members
Bottom Line

Black Fling is a great site for online dating and hook ups for black people only - you won’t really find the opportunity for interracial relationships on here. It’s a site that works well for what it is, but you must fit the category in order to have success on here. The main downside is that there are quite a few inactive profiles of hot women on here, but there are plenty of active ones too!

My Full Black Fling Review

Ain’t Nothing Like Having A Fling or Two

When you are black and looking for a fling, you might think that there is not an online dating site that is just for you out there, but guess what, there is! Black Fling is that site. It lets you sign up for free and create a profile for no charge. You will see right from the moment you look at the home page of the site that there are tons of black singles on the site that you can browse completely free.

Get Online & Get Chattin’!

If you feel like it is too hard to talk to beautiful ebony babes when you are out at a bar or in the club, then online dating might be a good way for you to meet some people, and if you want a black honey then try this site. It’s much better to chat online with someone before you blow a wad of dough on them wining and dining them. At least with online dating you’ll know you like them before you take them out on a date.

It’s a Numbers Game That You’re Going to Win

Of course every single girl won’t get back to you, because some of them just aren’t compatible, but according to one report, about 50-75% of the people on the site respond to messages regularly, which is good compared to other dating sites. However you should beware because many of the profiles are of inactive members who have probably moved on to relationships and more serious things than Black Flings but they never deleted their account. But, it’s easy to avoid those and just communicate with people who are using the site currently.

Find Babes in Your Area

The site lets you search for people based on their location, so it’s easy to find those who are close to you because those are the ones who would probably be most ready for a hookup or an ongoing fling. If you’re looking for a serious relationship then this probably isn’t the best site for you, because most people on here are black folks who are looking for sex. This is a hookup site with Fling in the name after all.

You’re Gunna Find All Sorts of Black Babes Here

Some people who have used the site think that the people on the site are very attractive and there are a wide variety of body types available for perusing. There are skinny babes, chunky babes and BBW black goddesses. There are black girls with tiny tits and ebony babes with nice big tits. If you want access to a wide variety of beautiful dark girls then BlackFling is a great site for you. Give it a go and you’ll start dating black mates just a few minutes after creating your account!

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